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Addi Knitting Needles

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Addi Knitting Needles  
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Addi CLICK Long Tip Lace Interchangeable Needle Set + Free Shipping (US)
8 Tips/3 Cords/Sharp tips & longer length for knitting comfort


Addi CLICK long tip lace Interchangeables

Tip Sizes Cords/Accessories
8 tips:
* 3.5mm (US #4)
* 3.75mm (US #5) * 4.0mm (US #6)
* 4.5mm (US #7)
* 5.0mm (US #8)
* 5.5mm (US #9)
* 6.0mm (US #10) * 8.0mm (US #11)
3 Cords:
* 60 cm (24 inch)
* 80 cm (32 inch)
* 100 cm (40 inch) 1 Connector
Gold Addi Heart Pin Needle Size Gauge Carrying Case

About the Addi Click Long Tip Lace Set

The latest addition to the addi Click family, features Longer Lace Tips with the same sharp point as the regular Lace needles, but are just over 5 inches in length, which some knitters prefer. Each kit includes US sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11, along with 3 pliable blue addi-Lifeline Cords which create 24", 32", and 40" needles, 1 Click connector, and a gold addi heart pin. The addi-Lifeline Cords make it easy to thread a lifeline or scrap yarn right through your project as you knit. This ingenious set comes in a vibrant pink case.





ADDI Long Tip Set (Longer Lace Tips)
135.92 after fab discounts
(reg $169.90 ) + Free Shipping

( Discounts will apply at checkout)

Addi Lace CLICK Interchangeable Needles with longer tips - for those who have a harder time handling the shorter tips on the regular lace interchangeables.

LIFELINE CORDS! Yes, this set comes with the new LIFELINE cords, which allow you to knit with your lifeline thread attached! Cool.

Long Tip Lace TIPS are 5" In Length


Sets Available:

Pick from Any Addi Click Set:


These lace needles have Addi's famous finish, fabulous CLICK locking system, sharper tips, and LONGER LENGTHS - especially great if you have RSI or arthritis - the longer tips make it easier to handle, and great for smaller repeats in patterns!

addi long tip lace kit



addi turbos 8"   addi turbos 8"   addi turbos 8"



ADDI CLICK Cords & Connectors


ADDI CLICK Heartstopper Endcaps.

Della Q's Interchangeable Needle case
perfect for one, or TWO (see the Que Double) sets of addis.

della q needle cases & Totes
Della Q's cases in pure silk for Interchangeables - small, compact - great for traveling

Offhand Design Interchangeable Cases
Offhand Designs brocades and flocked velvets are a fabulous way to tuck your interchangeables into whatever bag you happen to be carrying.



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